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Allow .htm, .html extensions in WordPress without redirect

Created at: February 27, 2019; Last update: February 27, 2019

I am in the process of making a new WordPress website, starting from an existing WordPress which has a really long history, with a lot of plugins.

The problem I encountered was that the old website had pages that ended with “.htm”. Why would someone bother to have urls that ended with “.htm” extension is way beyond me, but considering that the client wanted to keep those urls the same (“for the moment”), and I didn’t want to add another plugin, I had to find a way to deal with those urls.

So, I started by allowing the extension in the rewrite rules of the new WordPress instance:

After that, we see that the url is accepted, but a redirect is done with 301 code. But we do not want a redirect, as this would not solve our problem. For this we need to remove the redirection filter:

Hope this helps anyone. Spent a day looking for a solution. If you have a better one, please be kind and share.

A new video tutorial about how to (properly) use session library in CodeIgniter

Created at: March 31, 2017; Last update: March 31, 2017


I came with a new video tutorial. This one is about how to properly configure the session library in CodeIgniter. Why this subject? Because, although it is clearly written in the official documentation about how to use the sessions, some people don’t ever seem to have the time to read. Continue reading

XML to JSON (or array…)

Created at: February 20, 2017; Last update: February 20, 2017

Good to know about how to transform an xml document into json:


Arduino – Day… Uno – Connecting the micro-controller to the computer

Created at: February 17, 2017; Last update: February 22, 2017

Well… It seems that I’ve come to take an interest into Arduino micro-controllers. And they look great. At least the version I bought seems to be ready to be included into really serious projects, having with it some sort of plastic cover that allows me to fix it with screws. Continue reading

Back to (PHP) basics. Creating your own SEO friendly “mini-website” in PHP

Created at: May 27, 2016; Last update: August 12, 2016

I want to be noted that this is not a tutorial about creating an MVC framework from zero. If you want that kind of tutorial, you can find a lot of them (

There are moments in your programmer life when you are asked to do a small “landing page”, which actually turns out to be a “mini-website” with an “About” page, a “Contact” page and a few other pages. Continue reading

Meet Tusker – a small task manager for your projects

Created at: April 8, 2016; Last update: April 8, 2016

Hello again. I would like to present to you a small project I am working at. It is called Tusker, is made using CodeIgniter 3.x, and it is a simple task management web app. I sure hope you give it a try and tell me about new things to add to it. The Github repository can be found here:

Continue reading

“Why develop a web app with CodeIgniter in 2016?”

Created at: April 7, 2016; Last update: April 7, 2016

This question was proposed as a subject by one of this blog’s visitors. It is indeed a good question, especially considering that “CodeIgniter remained way behind other frameworks”.

So let’s think a bit about why would we use an “aged framework” when we have great frameworks like… and here the typical example is Laravel. Continue reading