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XML to JSON (or array…)

Created at: February 20, 2017; Last update: February 20, 2017

Good to know about how to transform an xml document into json:


Back to (PHP) basics. Creating your own SEO friendly “mini-website” in PHP

Created at: May 27, 2016; Last update: August 12, 2016

I want to be noted that this is not a tutorial about creating an MVC framework from zero. If you want that kind of tutorial, you can find a lot of them (

There are moments in your programmer life when you are asked to do a small “landing page”, which actually turns out to be a “mini-website” with an “About” page, a “Contact” page and a few other pages. Continue reading

Revisiting the multilevel menu in PHP with some additional code (as in… Bootstrap CSS)

Created at: May 7, 2015; Last update: May 23, 2016

(created at: May 07, 2014; last update: December 15, 2015)
It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted a tutorial (Multi-level menu in PHP – how to do it without killing yourself or the database in the process) about how do create a multi-level menu in PHP, but in all that time I’ve never seen anyone complaining about some of the weak points of my approach. Continue reading

Multi-level menu in PHP – how to do it without killing yourself or the database in the process

Created at: June 27, 2014; Last update: May 7, 2015

Why don’t you take a look at this newer tutorial about creating a multi-level menu in PHP. It also has a Bootstrap Framework implementation 🙂

Well. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. I was busy learning Laravel… Currently, I am trying the framework by working on a CMS, and, again, I have arrived at the phase of menus. And by “menus”, I am refering to multi-level menus. In the past I have found ways to bypass this dilemma, but now my time allowed me to dive into it. Continue reading