Learn CodeIgniter 3 in small steps

(last update: November 17, 2014)

Hello. I think is a good moment to start a series of tutorials regarding CodeIgniter, considering the framework has new owners, and a bright future. “Learn CodeIgniter” will take you from basic setup to launching a site.

I will suppose you already know what MVC pattern means, and also that you have at least a basic understanding of OOP.

The tutorials are organized as steps, so it would be a good idea not skipping any of them. Who knows what you may miss. These steps are also “good habits”, because you should follow these steps in order to have a smooth launch of the finished site.

So… let’s get started:


  1. Hi, Thanks for keeping your tutorials up-to-date with the changes to CI. I’ve decided to use CI in my thesis to demonstrate the advantages of using a web development framework to build a web application. Let’s see how it goes XD

    1. Bună. Din păcate nu este profitabil sa fac tutoriale în română. La o adică nici în engleză nu mai este profitabil…

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