Step 1.3: Again about MVC and CodeIgniter – The models

(created: January 21, 2015; last update: -)

In the previous two tutorials regarding MVC and CodeIgniter framework we’ve learned about the controllers and the views.

In CodeIgniter, the models respond to the controllers’ requests by returning the requested data, whether that data is taken from a database or simply operated upon. So at least from CodeIgniter’s point of view the model is a “passive” part, that waits for the controller do ask something from it.

Now would be the right time to learn something about how the models work in CodeIgniter, don’t you think?  Well… I’ve learned about them a long time ago, and I’ve wrote a tutorial long before this series, so please allow me to just direct you to that tutorial: The name of the tutorial is How to retrieve data from a database, but is actually about how models work. Hope you enjoy it.

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