Meet Tusker – a small task manager for your projects

Hello again. I would like to present to you a small project I am working at. It is called Tusker, is made using CodeIgniter 3.x, and it is a simple task management web app. I sure hope you give it a try and tell me about new things to add to it. The Github repository can be found here:


0 thoughts on “Meet Tusker – a small task manager for your projects

  • hey like the project really opened my eyes on dos and donts and i would like some help when dealing with projects having use roles and user groups

  • Hi i receive different errors and don’t know where i did the mistake:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW in /www/htdocs/……/application/controllers/Welcome.php on line 15
    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Parsing Error
    Message: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW
    Filename: controllers/Welcome.php
    Line Number: 15

    public function index()
    $this->data[‘latest_tasks’] = $this->task_model->where([‘closed’=>’0’,’user_id’=>$_SESSION[‘user_id’]])->order_by(‘due’,’ASC’)->limit(5)->get_all();
    $this->data[‘opened_projects’] = $this->project_model->get_user_projects(NULL, 0, [‘time_spent’,’closed’]);

    $this->data[‘latest_projects’] = $this->project_model->where([‘closed’=>’0’,’user_id’=>$_SESSION[‘user_id’]])->with_tasks(‘fields:*count*|non_exclusive_where:closed=\’0\”)->order_by(‘due’,’ASC’)->limit(5)->get_all();

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