CodeIgniter 4 – Step 1…b?: Start development fast? Why kill yourself with Docker or XAMPP? Use Laragon!

Having in mind that what you code is going to enter into production, the best solution is indeed to use Docker containers. So, if you want to really do coding, try my previous two tutorials: CodeIgniter 4 – Step 1: Let’s make ourselves some Docker containers and CodeIgniter 4 – Step 2: Installing CodeIgniter in Docker containers.

But if, by any reason you simply want to start writing, the best solution is to install Laragon, because, in my opinion is the best WAMPP (XAMPP solution), and at the same time, the best MEAN stack starting point.

This simply takes the hussle of starting a project from your hands and leaves it to the Laragon.

Install Laragon

Before we install Laragon, a good idea would be to also install a Git client. You can install it from here: The installment is necessary because composer may need to retrieve code from a git repository and for that it may use the git command line.

Once Git client is installed it’s time to install Laragon. Go to and download it. I recommend The full version because besides Apache, Nginx, MySQL and PHP, it also has Redis, Memcached, Node.js, npm, etc.

After you download it, you simply install it like any other program. Once installed, you start de serverby pressing on the “StartAll” button.

Now, in order to have everything prepared for CodeIgniter 4, we right-click on the Laragon icon in the status bar, then selecting “Quick app” and then “Configuration…” (the configuration file can also be found where you installed Laragon, in usr/sites.conf).

Once we click that, a configuration file will open:

In the configuration file, maybe after the line 7 we write the following line:

# CodeIgniter 4
CodeIgniter=composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter %s


After this, when you want to quick install a CodeIgniter application you can simply select it from the Laragon menu:

And that’s all! HAPPY CODING, everyone!!!

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